volunteer man on framingSince Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti has an extensive experience in construction management and especially in the social issues identified in the community in order to improve housing and living conditions and while material resources are increasingly lower, we are always looking for new ways in which we can assist as many families in solving their problems at the lowest possible cost.

Our renovation program takes place as follows: a skilled HPU Radauti worker will go and make a technical assessment of the housing applicant / recipient, and also assess the need for intervention by proposing clear solutions to remedy the problem. In the next step the beneficiary receives the necessary building materials, with an upper limit (4000 RON).  He will have the responsibility to make his fixes, so that at the completion of the works a team including the HPU specialist and the beneficiary would sign a protocol of finding work.

The cost of the construction materials will be returned within 3 years without interest or profit for HPU Radauti. To increase the involvement of community members in solving its problems, HPU Radauti mentions that a very important part of the partnership with the beneficiary is the latter`s involvement in similar activities carried out in the community for 10 days.

This program seeks to remedy the housing problems of many more families by securing the help of volunteers who are being helped themselves. This system seeks better a community interaction of members, the increase of their active involvement in activities of the community, and also to change the mentality that someone else should solve the problems.


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