doamna domnicaGiven the high risk of natural disasters produced in the area, many families are at risk of flooding, landslides and earthquakes. Following the events of 2005 and 2010 it was noted that there is a lack of education regarding appropriate behavior in case of such events, and also a lack of a minimum equipment required for an immediate intervention in such cases. Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti responds to disasters, regardless of its scale, using the experience gained in such intervention, based on the knowledge, resources and capacity available.

We can answer directly, assume a supportive role, or intervene through partnerships with other local and international NGOs. In addition, it will continue to intervene in an attempt to mitigate the initial effects of disasters and then by working the developed strategies both within the disaster response program and the standard of living programs.

The objectives of the program include four key areas: the development of prevention strategies for disaster risk reduction, preparedness intervention programs with rapid deployment, reducing the effects of the first phase of disaster recovery, and implementation of programs on the housing problem.

  • Flooding
  • Disaster prevention and preparedness
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Emergency interventions


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