no picWe would like to help over 30 people who live in the social homes from Siret. These families, amongst also 12 children urgently need help with materials and assistance in order to renovate the homes in which they live for years now. Together with Viva FM, Televiziunea Plus, Cromtel we will start a campaign for fundraising with SMS directions.

Plai Family case

Family Plai Florentin and Gabriela with their 2 children Sebastian and Ştefan of 5, and10 years old live in hard conditions even in these days.

2 euro smsStarting today, many local TV channels and radios will stream our campaign Habitat for Humanity Radauti with SMS appeal at 8841 until 15.02.2016. This campaign will help over 50 marginalized people in order to have better living conditions! We appreciate our partners: Viva FM, Tele9, Intermedia TV.

future projects hpu“Habitat for Humanity” is a non-profit, Christian association for public utility, that, through its programs, works to eliminate and counteract the negative effects of poorly living and the lack of housing of Bacau county.

Until now, in Romania, over 4000 of families have been helped with improved living conditions and in this way we broke the vicious circle created by the lack of a healthy and appropriate housing. Globally, we have built over 500 000 houses and helped over 2 500 000 families from over 3 000 communities from 80 countries.