no picWe would like to help over 30 people who live in the social homes from Siret. These families, amongst also 12 children urgently need help with materials and assistance in order to renovate the homes in which they live for years now. Together with Viva FM, Televiziunea Plus, Cromtel we will start a campaign for fundraising with SMS directions.

Plai Family case

Family Plai Florentin and Gabriela with their 2 children Sebastian and Ştefan of 5, and10 years old live in hard conditions even in these days.


Both parents have accentuated handicap, thus the wife works and earns the minimum wage and the husband also works when he can find someone to help by day.  The family budget is around 230 euros/month. All that the parents want is to offer their children better living conditions.


kitchen in need of renovation bathroom in need of renovation soba

They need new windows, doors, painting, laminate floor, rigips and better furniture. We hope we will find good people who can help them.

building in need of renovation.jpg building in need of renovation 1


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