familia ichimDear friends, together with The Good Samaritan Association we started a fundraising campaign for Ichim family, where husband and father Sergiu was recently diagnosed with last phase cancer.

We wish to help this family throughout this difficult period and I personally am donating my birthday for this case; in the link bellow you can find more details about the difficulties that this family is going through.

On the same page you have the possibility to donate any amount of money you could offer to this hard-tried family.

May the spirit of Christmas be with all of you!



new roofWith the help of Habitat Radauti, in partnership with Olint and Church St. Parascheva two families in need (even with sick children) have benefited from a new roof!

With great joy and eyes almost in tears, the two families tell us how they can`t believe that they have a new roof that is no longer a health hazard.
But the most, we thank our partners for their good deed, Olint and the Church with the hope that these deeds will be more often!


3 familii 3 speranteLast week we managed to help, a little bit that`s true, 3 families from Botosani county with some construction materials that they will use to rebuild part of their homes and have a bit better living conditions. It is not about lasy people or with vices, but about families with many children (some with disorders) and with sick parents that their only income is their own agriculture and the children`s allowance taking into consideration that their parent can`t work- if we can name this income a decent one for a whole family. These people still have many needs - stoves, roof, laminate floor, cement, paint - so that those who want to help the families in need they can do it through Habitat Association, for more details please get in touch!