2% for decent houses!

The Fiscal Code contains a stipulation named 2% based on which individuals may direct annually 2% from the income tax to a non-profit entity like Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti.

2 la sutaThis way you will be able to contribute at building and renovation of houses for families in need.

Why would you direct 2% from the income tax to Habitat for Humanity Radauti?

  • there is no cost involved;
  • it is time to do it;
  • it is easy to do it;
  • you can decide on how the public money is being spent;
  • you will know how the money is being spent;
  • each family should have a simple and decent home;
  • many families have no other chance to having a house;

We are suggesting you to help building a full house from foundation to the roof! The more we are who are directing the 2%, the closer we are to succeed!

 What do you need to do?

If you had income only from salaries last year, you need to fill in the form 230.  HERE

If you had income also from other sources (copyrights, rents, farming etc.), you need to fill in the form 200 HERE

 In order to direct 2% from your income tax to support the families in need from Moldova who are living in substandard conditions, fill in the section "The destination of the amount representing 2% of the annual income tax".

After you filled in the form, you need to mail it to the fiscal administration you belong to or you should hand it directly yourself.

The deadline is 25th of May each year!

WE THANK YOU in the name of the families without a hope!


   Form 200       Form 230


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