copil la santierIt doesn’t take much to help Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti in its efforts to eliminate substandard housing in Radauti and surrounding area. You can make a difference today and help us serve more families and in turn help more children have a brighter future.

You can donate at our office, which is located within the Casa de Cultura (str. Str. Bogdan Voda, nr. 12, Cam. 14) or directly into either of our bank accounts with details below:

  • RO22 BTRL ONCR T0V 2711 8201 opened at Banca Transilvania Rădăuţi 
  • RO75 RZBR 0000 0600 0342 1979 opened at Banca Raiffeisen Rădăuţi

In addition to this, if you live in Romania, you can redirect 2% of your income tax to HPU Radauti. Just click on the button below for more details.

While, if you have decision making authority within a Romanian company, you can choose to redirect 20% of the tax on your profits to HPU Radauti. Again, you can find out more details by clicking on the button below.


Donate online      Redirect 2%      Redirect 20%


Make a difference Today!


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