lafargista batand cuieWho is Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti?

Habitat pentru Umanitate Radauti is a non-profit, independent Christian association, that, through its programs, works to eliminate and counteract the negative effects of poorly living and the lack of housing of Suceva county.

What do we do?

Because adequate living is the premise of harmonious development of people and communities, we renovate, build, facilitate, educate and are active to create the foundations of a new life. We realize these by collecting donations, sponsorships and hosting annually tens of volunteers in Habitat programs.

For whom do we work?

The direct beneficiaries are the families with a minimal and stable income, in need, from Suceava county. These are selected transparently and without discrimination by the selection committee. The committee submits the applications from the families in great need of housing to the board of directors.

How are partner families selected?

The family selection process is based on 3 criteria:

  • The need of housing
  • The existence of a income, even a modest one
  • The desire to work to build their own home and the homes of others or 10 days of volunteering for families from the renovating/ rehabilitating program

How do we work?

Through volunteer work and through donations of money and materials that can be deducted from income tax, Habitat renovates/ rehabilitates and builds simple, decent houses with the help of partner families. Partner families become the owner of the HPU homes at no profit, paying a monthly amount which is supportable from their modest incomes. The families also help in the building of other families' homes.


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